Dandy Lines

We create and curate NFT collections. Check out our first NFT collection, Boogie-Woogie (https://boogie-woogie.io). Dropping soon! Following hot behind is Pickle Wars!


Motivated by the neoplasticists of the early 20th Century, primarily Mondrian, we look to distill the essence of an image through careful color and scale selection while allowing the code to add a randomized element to the art.

Each calendar quarter starting Q4 2021 through Q4 2024 we will release a run of 125 Boogie-Woogie NFTs based on five (5) works of art. That is 25 unique 1-of-1 Boogie-Woogie NFTs per art piece, per run. Total maximum NFTs to be created 1970 Boogie-Woogie NFTs. That includes the 345 NFTs reserved for Bespoke Boogie-Woogie.

What will you see in your Boogie-Woogie!?

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Pickle Wars

We create unique characters and imagery to capture the absurdity of a world where pickles fight to survive eradication.

Coming soon.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/picklewarsNFT
Website: https://boogie-woogie.io/

About Dandy Lines

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dandylinesNFT
Website: https://dandylines.io/

We create and curate NFT collections. Check out Pickle Wars and Dandy Lines Boogie Woogie!